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Cyril Ramaphosa re-elected South African president

The new government of national unity combines Mr Ramaphosa's ANC, the centre-right Democratic Alliance (DA) and smaller parties.

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Chad opposition leader Masra files challenge against presidential election result

He shared a copy of a receipt showing that documents had been filed with the council, which an opposition official close to Masra…

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Chad army deploys in force after junta leader Déby is elected president

AFP reporters said the number of troops on the streets Friday appeared considerably larger than after previous elections.

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Chad declares interim president Deby winner of disputed vote

National Election Management Agency chief Ahmed Bartichet said Deby had secured 61.3% of the vote - comfortably over the 50% need…

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Chad opposition, civil society groups complain of vote rigging and threats

Masra says there has been persistent violence and threats against him and his supporters since election day.