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Date:10 Oct 2017
#LiberiaElections: Polls close in exciting and peaceful elections


Polls have closed in today’s landmark Liberia elections that seeks to democratically transfer power from one elected leader to the other. Liberians have been at the polls since 8am today to select a leader among 20 candidates to lead the country for the next 6 years.

General reports from AEP field officers and international observers suggest voting has been peaceful and devoid of any major electoral irregularities.

Most polling centers across the country opened on time and throughout the voting period no major incident was recorded in the country.

Wainright Y. Acquoi‏ a first time voter described his participation as an “exciting experience to be a part of a historical moment in my country's history. I voted, and I pledge to remain peaceful.”

Another voter said the “elections was a call to duty and I answered yes and voted for peace in my country Liberia”

Liberia’s Elections Coordinating Committee (ECC) earlier assured that all voters in the queue as at 6pm when polls close would be allowed to vote.

Reports from AEP field officers indicate that the opening process has been peaceful, orderly, and proceeded smoothly across the country. However, there were a few reported isolated issues of concern at certain polling places. These included tensions at polling places where opening was delayed or where a large of number voters are queued, as well as instance where observers were not permitted to observe at the polling place. There were also instances in some polling places where voters with valid voters’ cards did not find their names on the voters’ lists.

According to the Liberia National Elections Commission (NEC), spokesperson said, "we received reports of a few late opening of polling stations but generally most voting places opened at eight o'clock, and there have been no reports of incidents."

Voting started on time in Paynesville, in Monrovia and no major opening problems were reported, although one polling station outside Monrovia reportedly opened at 0900, due to the late arrival of ballot boxes.

A number of voters told AEP in Monrovia that, citizens were very happy with the whole electoral process and believe NEC had done a great job to get a lot of people out to cast their vote. They were also happy with collaboration between the security officers and the voters which boosted their confidence to participate in the voting process.

Many of them said based on their personal observation they foresee no sign of post electoral violence and hoped that the process will remain transparent throughout the counting of the ballots.

Counting is underway at some voting places and are expected to continue till all results are collated and an announcement is made in 48hours.

In all it is estimated that about 2,183, 629 voters participated in the elections voting across 2080 precincts across the country.

AEP urge all Liberians to remain calm and patient during the counting and collation till a winner or a run off is officially announced by NEC.


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