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Date:02 Jun 2016
Ghana: Political scientist advocates for third force ahead of polls

Mr Carl Wilson, a political scientist, has called on Ghanaians to use the November 7, General Election as a platform to elect the first independent President, who would not be influenced by any political party.

“Let us start to negotiate the way forward, let us consider the reason why, as a nation and as a people, we must come together and change the way we are governed.

“Let us throw out the current system and replace it with a New System of Governance prescribed by the Constitution.”

He told Ghana News Agency in Accra on Wednesday that Ghana is not going in the right direction and since the 1992 Constitution was promulgated, Ghanaians have been ruled by Executive Presidents, who are made powerless by the dictates of the political parties that brought them to power.

This phenomenon therefore, in his opinion, influences the citizenry to constantly agitate for change.

He said after Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings 11 years revolutionary rule, Ghanaians yearned for a constitutional government leading to the current constitution.

Mr Wilson said after eight years of Rawlings rule under the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Ghanaians again clamoured for change and in 2000 Mr John Agyekum Kufuor was elected as President under the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

He said in 2008 there was another cry for change and NDC came to power again.

He noted that this time Ghana changed back to NDC not because the people believed the party was any better than the NPP but because there was no credible alternative.

“We all hoped NDC would have learnt a lesson, having been in opposition for eight years.”

Mr Wilson said in 2016 Ghanaians are yearning for change once more.

He said the “Winner Takes All” system does not promote the togetherness required for government and opposition to work hand in hand, in the interest, and for the sake of the people and country.

He noted that it breeds an atmosphere of envy, contempt and greed and creates and promotes animosity because the party with majority controls the executive.

“The two dominant parties spend a great part of their time and energy at each other’s throat, trying to undo each other, instead of focusing on the needs of the people they are elected to serve.”

Mr Wilson is therefore calling for a strong and constitutionally powerful Presidency, An All-inclusive Peoples Parliament and a Voice of and for the People.

He said as a way forward MOVE GHANA, a social movement has been formed to canvass for support nationwide against the current system of party politics in favour of a truly nationalistic approach to the governance of the country.

Through this social movement, the concept of ‘The Third Force’ shall be pursued by employing innovative, radical and peaceful political engineering – ultimately to unseat the two major political parties.

Mr Wilson said MOVE GHANA is inviting everybody especially those in the Diaspora to get in touch to offer their help in whatever form to support an auspicious and august cause.

GNA, Ghana 


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