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Date:22 Feb 2016
Comoros and Niger hold peaceful elections

[AEP] Comoros and Niger held peaceful elections on Sunday amid tensions in Niger and a calm atmosphere in the Comoros. While close to 160,000 voters participated in the Comoros general election, some 7.5 million were eligible to cast their ballots in Niger’s presidential elections.

Counting ballots for Comoros first round of presidential and gubernatorial elections are underway with authorities describing the polls as incident free. Niger’s presidential election, despite reports of delays, was also peaceful.

Comoros’s constitution rotates the presidency among the three islands of the archipelago. The island of Grande Comore voted to select three top candidates in the first round so the entire country will vote to elect one of the three leading candidates in a second round of election on April 10. Provisional results are due on Wednesday. There were reports of delay in some polling stations. Meanwhile, a Grande Comoros community boycotted the polls to register the poor nature of its roads.

“The elections were held in good conditions, with no major incidents,” said Mohamed el-Had Abbas, the minister of the vote. Out of the 25 candidates who contested the presidential race, only one is a female.

Niger was able to beat the possible threat from terrorist group in neighboring Niger to hold a peaceful elections in which 14 candidates battled it out with incumbent Mahamadou Issoufou in the presidential race. In the event of a second round, four main opposition candidates, including ex-President Mahamane Ousmane, who ruled from 1993 to 1996, Mr Oumarou, Hama Amadou and Amadou M. Cisse have formed an alliance to context Mr. Issoufou.

Comoros, since gaining independence from France in 1957 has experienced more than 20 coups or attempts of overthrows. Despite Niger’s vast uranium, gold, coal and oil resources, it joins Comoros as one the poorest countries in the world.


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