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Last Updated:22 May 2014
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Botswana Elections 2009 : All should go out and vote
October 16 is the day on which Botswana will exercise their democratic right to vote for the political leadership they prefer to take the country to 2014 when the next general election will be held.

This right is one that every eligible citizen should utilise, as it is their responsibility to vote for the leadership they want in power.

It is on this premise that we call upon voters to visit the polling booths on October 16.

A good turn-out will greatly enhance our democracy.

Voter apathy is not a healthy option. The Independent Electoral Commission has done all it can to educate the public on the importance of voting and also educate political candidates on the best way of politicking.

Therefore, what takes place in five weeks time is in the hands of the electorate.

There are people who do not vote as they do not see the importance of the exercise. This kind of mentality should be abandoned and people should learn to play their roles in such national activities.

We cannot emphasise it too strongly that when it comes to elections, it is imperative that people make their voices heard and by so doing they will not be able to blame anyone else for electing a government they do not want.

The youth – many of who will cast their vote for the first time and in all probability be a decisive factor in many constituencies - should also utilise this opportunity to make their voices heard. This age group has been lagging behind on issues of national, regional and local interest and we urge them to start taking the responsibility if, as future leaders, they want to play a big role as to which political party will rule this land.

If voters are not sure of who to vote for, the time is now to listen to different parties' manifestos, listen to different candidates and make informed choices.

Let us vote for political leaders who we want to have in office to shape our future.

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